Engaging with People – Not Facebook

I’ve used Facebook over the years mostly for personal stuff and sharing my loves and passions. This year I added a Go2Girl Community Page because I wanted to highlight different topics that would normally get lost in my news feed and everyone else’s for that matter.. So much gets lost in my news feed. Facebook changes this so regularly and it used to be an awesome open community…5 years ago! Now, you can get thrown in FB Jail for posting “too fast”, whatever that is supposed to mean. And emailing FB support is like shooting an arrow into a hay field. Good luck getting anything accomplished with that.

 A couple of years ago, I got back into my own business and I started using FB to increase visibility. That wasn’t a huge hit, but I continued anyway. Learning the ropes of marketing my new little business to the masses, (i.e. my warm market). I thought it was helping me posting my business posts and how excited I was about my business. Nope! Exit Stage left and start all over. So, I re-evaluated. I am a connector. I am a marketer. I am awesome with face to face engagement, so why do I suck online. Essentially, I was pitching myself straight to the curb of everyone’s news feed and no one wanted to connect with me because they thought I was going to pitch them my business.
Now that’s a hit to the ego when people avoid you because they think that, even though in person that was and is not my nature. I’m the social butterfly of the marketing world. I love to find out what you do and what you do and what you do and then see how I can connect you all to work together and because I engaged multiple people into a group, I received referral business out of it. This was my key that I was missing online. I need use my ability and love of connecting with people in a social medium just like I do face to face. That was my key. I needed to engage, make friends, share stories, share info. So, what do you think I started doing? You bet. I made friends. Everyone that I met face to face became my FB friend as well.
picture credit: vaughanmerlyn.com
So, here is what I do today. It as morphed over time and I am always looking at my engagement to see how I can improve.
1. I do not spam in groups. I did and I have and it does not work. What makes you think that a group filled with network marketers pitching each other on how their deal is the best is an efficient use of your time. It’s not. Stop! Reverse. Stay out.
2. I find groups that I can get value out of and provide value too. Hence, make friends knowing that they are not going to pitch me…at least not in our first conversation, hopefully. These types of groups will kick you out if you spam the group with you link, but they love it when you provide great business tips and tricks. Some even allow you to share business tools as long as it is not a sales pitch.
3. EVERY single person that likes or comments on a post gets a like on their comment, gets a friend request from me IMMEDIATELY & once we are friends, they get a “Thanks for connecting! I would love to get to know you.” message from me. If they respond (and they usually do) I start a conversation out with them. Friendly, get them talking about themselves, ask questions, only give my info when asked. Some conversations are over chat and some end up being a live phone call. I always offer a couple of free tools and resources that they can use in their business. And, now I have a new friend. I do this 10-15 times a day.
4. My wall – 80% of my wall is personal and the other 20% is business – NORMALLY. I break my own rules every once in awhile. I look for people who are liking and commenting on my posts and again, I engage them especially if we haven’t spoken in awhile.
5. I support other business owners and their postings. I will comment, like and engage on their posts. Why would I do that? They are my competition. They are not my competition. I and I alone am my own competition. When you support your fellow business owners on social media it does 2 things. 1) It increases their credibility in the eyes of their team and prospects 2) You are no longer a self serving promoter. I share and highlight other business owners, their products and promote ON MY WALL without hesitation. Again, why do you ask? I want them to be successful and I want them to do the same for me. So, I just became a little self serving again. If I share their content to my followers that is new eyeballs on their business and vice versa when they share my content.
With this methodology of engaging on FB, I now have friends and contacts all over the world that know, like and trust me. Believe me, that is the best thing I could ever ask for. When people know, like and trust you your business will explode.
See You Online,
Lany Sullivan
Lany Sullivan
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9 thoughts on “Engaging with People – Not Facebook

  1. So let me get this strait: not having a “like” button on your posts is supposed to trick your readers into leaving comments, is that it? ;)

    This is such a great post! It’s actually a “you-post”. Why is it hidden somewhere? It needs to be a sticky post on your home page! Also, what do you think if we (and by “we” I mean “me”) make you a “meet me” infographics (I wanted to practice anyways, but didn’t have a purpose till now) out of it that you can then have “hanging” on the side on a home page in a widget or use however you like? As for the title, we could take the Zig Ziglar quote (shortened and paraphrased, but with the same meaning) from your most recent post (http://socialmediago2girl.wordpress.com/2013/12/07/my-business-your-business/)

    Let me know what you think! :)

    • Gill! Yes! Let’s do it! I would love to collaborate with you, but that means you have to do a hangout with me. I feel like I have so much to talk with you about and connect with you on. I also know I could learn some things from you! You say the word and I am in like Flynn!!!

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